Frequently asked questions

  • What programme do students study at the School?

    The School of the Free and Concerned is a full-day primary school (we work from 8:30 to 19:00).

    We follow the New Ukrainian School (NUS) curriculum. In addition to a rich academic programme, we have compulsory lessons in swimming, chess, design, and theatre. The School also provides time for self-study and additional clubs that parents can enrol their children in. Children spend up to 30% of their time outdoors.

  • Where are the schools located and are there any shelters?

    We have 2 schools in Lviv: on 39A Kleparivska Street and 7 Naukova Street. Both schools are equipped with everything necessary for children’s education. We have also taken care of alternative systems for providing electricity, heat and the Internet. That is why we work live. We have also equipped reliable bomb shelters near the schools, which have everything necessary for students and teachers to stay there for a long time.

  • Is there any food for children?

    Yes, we have a full,and three meal plan a day, which is included in the tuition fee. In addition to the general menu, we also have a vegetarian, lactose-free and a gluten-free menu.

  • How many students study in one class?

    Each class (from zero to seven) has up to 20 children. The number of classes in a parallel is from two to four.

  • Does the School have a uniform?

    Yes, we have our own mandatory school uniform, namely a T-shirt, a long-sleeved sweater, a hoodie and a raincoat. There is also a uniform for sports lessons from the School of Hardening. The uniform, together with a package of textbooks, is part of the mandatory starter pack that each student receives at the beginning of the school year.

  • Where are swimming lessons held at school?

    On Kleparivska School, children swim in the indoor 25-meter swimming pool (SKA), while children from Naukova School learn to swim in the Aquapark.

  • Are there any additional classes at school??

    Yes. In in the afternoon, children can enroll in additional classes in various areas.

    The School offers individual musical instrument lessons, art lessons as well as sports clubs and language clubs.

  • What is the School’s accreditation (licence)?

    All Free and Caring Schools have the appropriate licences for educational activities in the field of complete general secondary education from the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine.

  • Do I have to pay for transportation?

    No. Parents take to and pick up their children from the School on their own.

  • What is the tuition fee?

    The tuition fee for the academic year 2022-2023 is UAH 121,900. This includes educational services, meals, and a monthly trip.

  • Are there any additional costs besides tuition fees?

    In addition to the tuition fee, you need to pay for a starter pack which includes all the necessary textbooks and school uniform (T-shirt, long-sleeved sweater, hoodie, raincoat). The list of printed books is available at school.

  • Are there any discounts?

    Yes, we have discounts on tuition fees:

    – 5% for siblings of children who are already studying at our school;

    – 7% – if you pay the entire amount for the academic year at once;

    – 7% – for children of combatants;

    – 10% – for children of !Fest holding employees.