School of Arts

School of Arts is a unique artistic space of your dreams! Here you can create without restrictions, invent and create, do what you really want and love!

We accept children from 4.5 years old. We work on our own programmes that meet the state requirements for art schools, but are more comprehensive and broader than that.

We want to teach our children (and everyone else) not just to draw or sing. Our mission is to teach them to understand art and live with it. 

We explain the difference between a designer and an artist, a theatre critic and a director; we explore that electronic music or rock can also be classical, and classical music can be played at festivals. In addition, we want to teach music, theatre, design, and photography in the most possible practical way, so that our students can create with the widest possible artistic outlook and tools. We believe that the more people who know and understand aesthetics and beauty, the better our country and the world will become!


  • Visual literacy and understanding of the visual context.
  • We want our students, regardless of age, to become visually educated.
  • Not only do they understand the artistic context and know about art, but they can also distinguish a good sign from a bad one on the street and explain to themselves why.


  • Love for music, understanding of it and knowledge of its history.
  • We want to get children excited about music, to help them find themselves in music if this is their vocation.
  • We want to teach them to be musicians or composers, not only to master a particular instrument, but also to understand music in general - from folk and classical to electronic and experimental.
  • And also to be able to hear the music around them.


  • Theatre transformation as a tool for understanding the world.
  • To be human and respect those around you.
  • To have a sense of the space in which we exist.
  • To create an image, character, atmosphere.
  • Understand how to manage different emotional states that are inside us.

We help our students find themselves and open up in their chosen field, regardless of age or direction, to receive a contextual art education. It doesn’t matter if it’s the start of a professional career or just helps you understand yourself better. We believe that the more people who know and understand aesthetics and beauty, the better our country (and the world) will become.

The values that we cherish and want to pass on to our students are: otherness, imagination, openness, creative thinking, curiosity and constant search, self-development, and passion for everything new.

Our team consists of actors, musicians and designers who combine teaching children (and adults) with acting, design and music practice.

Our directors are

  • Oleh Oneshchak

    Head of the Theatre department

    actor at Les Kurbas Lviv Theatre since 2006. Teacher, TV presenter, gallery director, movie actor. But being Dad is the achievement he is most proud of. Since 2018, he has been the organiser and founder of the first Ukrainian festival of scenography “Lviv Quadriennale of Scenography: Preview 2018”. He is the inspiration behind the Little School of Free and Caring. And most importantly, a good person.

  • Oleksandra Nahirna

    Head of the Design programme

    The author of the Design curriculum, graduated from the Academy of Arts (Department of Graphic Design), has 18 years of experience teaching children. She is the inspiration behind the Little School, and creates scenography for performances. She believes that imagination is one of the most necessary traits in a person.

  • Maria Shyshak

    Head of the Music Department

    composer, student of Myroslav Skoryk, winner of international composition competitions and festivals, participant of the international festival of contemporary music “Two Days and Two Nights of New Music” and the project “Classics of Independence”, author of the Music curriculum at School of Arts of Free and Caring, inspirer of Little School of Free and Caring, singer, songwriter, lecturer at the Teachers of the Future educational festival.

  • Olena Penderetska

    Chief Operating Officer of the School of Arts

    Olena has successfully implemented a number of projects in the restaurant business at the !FEST Emotions Holding the School of Professions project, the Art Club in Lviv, and Help for Children of Heroes.

  • Danylo Petrushenko

    Ideological inspirer of the School of Arts


  • Prytulka Tetyana

    Theater teacher
  • Telekhovska Sofiya

    Music teacher
  • Shamarin Mykhaylo

    Music teacher
  • Benyuk Khrystyna

    Piano teacher
  • Savenyuk Ivan

    Design teacher
  • Kalynets Anna

  • Pashko Volodymyr

    Music teacher
  • Pronoza Ilona

    Design teacher
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