Academic School

We are a modern Ukrainian school whose main task is to educate a free, happy, dignified, open and caring person who is able to respond to changes in the world, who is able to set goals and achieve them, based on the values, knowledge and experience gained by our community. We consider it part of our mission to share our positive experience and best practices with the educational system in Ukraine and abroad.

That is why we:

  • use the best of Ukrainian and international experience
  • focus on explaining how to understand the world, rather than on assessment or specific knowledge
  • talk about topical issues
  • teach tolerance for one’s own and other’s mistakes
  • develop critical thinking and learn to generate ideas
  • apply modern teaching methods
  • follow the trends and technologies of modern educational institutions of the world
  • use cases and projects in our teaching
  • encourage students to think and learn about the world around them
  • believe that a teacher is a mentor who prompts and guides
  • strive to give a holistic picture of the world

And also

  • focus on the development of soft skills
  • help all children to socialise
  • work with children, even if they have certain peculiarities
  • work with children with inclusion (if we can ensure the educational process at the proper level)
  • teach both specific knowledge and the ability to learn and work with information independently
  • open to educational innovations
  • devote enough time to motivation, make extensive use of motivational practices
  • We use game-based learning

The programme of our School meets the state standards. We are also working to reach the best international certification standards.

When it comes to teaching students, we pay considerable attention to their academic performance. At the same time, we believe that one of our priorities is to pass on the School’s values to children. That is why we define the learning outcome as the level of students’ perception of our declared values.

We have special subjects at our School that are designed to pass on values to children. In particular, lessons in happiness, swimming, cycling, and table tennis. We also have lessons in reasoning, chess, dance, music, design, drama, cooking and first aid, as well as… walking outside no matter how’s the weather! These subjects and leisure activities teach children skills that will help them be successful in the future.

In line with our priorities, all of us – teachers, parents and children – are active carriers of the School’s values.



  • Ruslana Khymytsia

    Operations Director of School of Free and Caring on Kleparivska Street

    Teacher of the highest category, “teacher-methodologist”. In 2014-2016, she was a methodologist of primary school classes at the NMCU in Lviv. Lviv. Co-author of methodological collections for primary school teachers: “Intellectual and Cognitive Games”, “Palette of Pedagogical Creativity”, and the manual “Creative Tasks in the Ukrainian Language for Working with Gifted Children in Primary School”. Trainer of educational events.

  • Olha Pavlyshyn

    Academic Director of School of the Free and Caring on Kleparivska Street

    Primary school teacher of the highest category, deputy director of the Horishok private school for 18 years. Founder and organiser of the Child Development Centre at the School of the Free and Caring.

    Co-author of textbooks: “Workbook for the Development of Coherent Speech with Speech Therapy Tasks”, “Workbook for Mathematics and Intellectual Development of Children”.

  • Iryna Kryva

    Operations Director of School of Free and Caring on Naukova Street

  • Tetiana Hryhorenko

    Academic Director of School of Free and Caring on Naukova Street

    She is a primary school teacher.
    She has been teaching children and learning alongside them for over 10 years. Her main task is to form a free and harmonious personality through the freedom of creativity and the joy of learning.
    In her work, she is guided by the rule: only learning that brings joy to the child gives the desired result.


  • Herasichkyna Tayisiya

  • Shevchuk Yana

  • Mazurak Olha

    Mathematics teacher
  • Didyk Anna

  • Yatsiv Liliya

  • Morgatskyi Vladyslav

    teacher of geography
  • Khokhlich Ulyana

    Literature teacher
  • Havrylyshyn Nadiya

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