School of Adventure and Leadership

With our help, a child will learn to be independent and self-reliant, i.e. to cope not only in everyday life, but also in extreme conditions.

We travel a lot, and fill our lives with adventures and bright moments.

Our goal is to show children a different world, without gadgets and the latest technology. And most importantly, to teach children to smile, no matter what they are doing: lighting a fire with three matches or tying a huge number of knots. 

We educate real leaders and brave people, because the brave always have happiness!

The school’s teachers and trainers are specialists in survival in the wilderness; or Plast members who have experience working with children, as well as mandatory first aid knowledge and relevant certificates. After all, safety comes first!


  • Oleh Vechorek

    academic leader and co-founder of the School of Adventure and Leadership

    A Plast member with a bachelor’s degree in education. He travels and plays sports. “I want children to travel more, to discover something new and learn self-sufficiency, for example, to know how to light a fire, or what a compass is and how to use it.”

  • Romko Kolobok

    co-founder of the School of Adventure and Leadership

    Plast member, athlete, traveller.

    “Our School is designed to give children exactly that – emotions and a lot of impressions from travelling and the skills and leadership development through adventure?. After all, during travelling, when people are left alone with nature and have no one to rely on but themselves, is where people reveal themselves best.”

  • Vasyl Maksymovsky

    co-founder of the School of Adventure and Leadership

    “Travelling is about the ability to live and enjoy the little things. Through exploring this world and adventures in it, we learn the most important thing – to be human.

    I have learnt this, so I am happy to share it and pass it on to others through the school.”

  • Vitaliy Mukha

    co-founder of the School of Adventure and Leadership

    Vitalii is a traveller, athlete and intellectual game player. “In everything I try to adhere to the principle that life is a great adventure and it depends on us how interesting we make it. And if I have discovered some cool activities why not share this experience with others?”


  • Veremchuk Anastasiya

  • Pikul Maryna

    Clubs teacher
  • Holub Solomiya

  • Holub Sofiya

    responsible for the Adventure and Leadership School program
  • Vechorek Andrian

    teacher of the School of Adventure and Leadership club
  • Brydun Mykhaylo

    Design teacher
  • Petruk Pavlo

    computer science teacher
  • Polishchuk Svitlana

    teacher of mathematics and computer science
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