“When we are happy, we feel it in our hearts” – School of Happiness.

  • Is it possible to be mistaken when considering yourself happy?
  • Is it possible to be happy without knowing it?
  • Is it possible to know what is going on in the hearts and minds of other people?
  • Is it possible that happiness is easier to grasp with the mind than with the heart?

Looking for the answers to these questions, we created our School of Happiness.

After all, taking care of your mental health is as a natural need as a walk in the fresh air. We conduct Happiness lessons for our students. What is it and why do children need it? This is a unique subject developed on the basis of research on happiness. It forms children’s understanding of their own personality, inner world and the world of other people, healthy self-esteem, communication skills, friendliness, assertiveness, stress resistance, social activity which helps children feel happy.

Our task is to give children simple answers to complex questions that arise in the course of their development and cognition.