Little School

The Little School of Free and Caring People is a creative space where children stay children. A place where we provide comprehensive development and knowledge of the world around us through our own experience.

Our values are: will, freedom, kindness, courage, free mind, self-sufficiency, caring, team spirit, perseverance, tolerance of others, creativity.

A team of young, qualified, and experienced mentors helps children develop their own individuality and traits through creativity and imagination; useful skills along with knowledge. They help children to feel free to express their thoughts and emotions, as well as to listen and take into account the thoughts and emotions of others.

The purpose of the school

  • to develop a personality in a holistic and comprehensive manner at his/her own pace in a playful way on the basis of psychological comfort;
  • to teach children to cope with life according to their age;
  • encourage children to learn and explore the world;
  • help children gradually get used to learning information, i.e. develop memory, attention, concentration;
  • show as many interesting things from the world of art as possible: design, music, theatre;

During the day, the children are also tutored by mentors who organise leisure activities according to a plan drawn up together with the methodologist. The daily set of exercises includes learning letters and numbers. There are classes to develop thinking and logic, fine and gross motor skills. Every week we learn a poem that reflects the topic we are working on. The children explore the environment, conduct experiments and experiments, and acquire and improve their cooking skills in cooking classes.

We try to organise monthly trips to help children better understand the topic of the week.

We go out in any weather. And in the warm season, some classes are held outdoors. 

We work according to the author’s programme, which is based on the Step by Step programme of comprehensive personal development. We also use the positive experience of preschool education in other countries. We include not only topics that are generally accepted and required by the standards of preschool education in Ukraine, but also those that are of interest to a modern child. 

Older children have school preparation classes , there are school preparation classes that take place twice a week. This is a block of two lessons with a break, during which experienced teachers of the Junior School of Free and Caring help future students acquire all the necessary knowledge and skills to confidently enter star) the zero grade of school in the future.

The Little School has three meals a day with a snack. The menu is prepared by experienced, professional chefs. The amount of all vitamins and microelements that a child needs on a daily basis is taken into account. Depending on the child’s health, parents can choose a lactose-free, gluten-free or vegetarian menu.

Our holidays are not like any others. These are unusual theatrical performances where children show the skills acquired during classes together with music, design and theatre teachers. There are no poems or songs to learn at home. Children are fully prepared at school during theatre and music classes. We don’t rent costumes, because our preschoolers create everything they need for their own image in the classroom together with the design teacher.