Educating a free, happy, dignified, open and caring person

Academic School

We are a modern Ukrainian school whose main task is to educate a free, happy, dignified, open and caring person who is able to respond to changes in the world, who is able to set goals and achieve them, based on the values, knowledge and experience gained by our community. We consider it part of our mission to share our positive experience and best practices with the educational system in Ukraine and abroad.


Online School

The Online School of Free and Caring is the latest model of Ukrainian school that will radically
change your perception of online learning.

There are up to 12 children in a class, and everyone is treated individually. Moreover online lessons are only live. Pupils and teachers communicate, share experiences and emotions, not records. Therefore, we consider it a part of our mission to share our positive experience and knowledge with the educational system in Ukraine and abroad.

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School of foreign languages

Language is the key that opens the world. That is why we strive to ensure that our students are fluent in English. Based on the CLIL (Content and Language Integrated Learning) methodology, we change the approach to teaching and conduct lessons in a more multifaceted way as part of integrated learning. This is one of the most interesting approaches to learning a foreign language.


School of Digital Technologies

Our goal is to provide practical skills and understanding of how computers and other digital devices work, as well as a general understanding of the technologies and processes used in the digital world. This will help our children in their education and career development, as digital technology is an important component in many areas of life. In addition, the ability to use computer technology and understand how it works will help students quickly solve problems and generate solutions in the modern world.


School of Happiness

Our mission is to nurture a happy, healthy, friendly, assertive, harmoniously developed personality with a rich inner world and an understanding of their uniqueness.


School of Arts

School of Arts is a unique artistic space of your dreams! Here you can create without restrictions, invent and create, do what you really want and love!

We accept children from 4.5 years old. We work on our own programmes that meet the state requirements for art schools, but are more comprehensive and broader than that.


School of Hardening

We build the educational process around different types of physical activity. These are not only regular physical education classes, but also daily exercises, brain breaks during the lessons, outdoor games, compulsory swimming, dancing, cycling.


School of Adventure and Leadership

With our help, a child will learn to be independent and self-reliant, i.e. to cope not only in everyday life, but also in extreme conditions.

We travel a lot, and fill our lives with adventures and bright moments.


Little School

The Little School of Free and Caring People is a creative space where children stay children. A place where we provide comprehensive development and knowledge of the world around us through our own experience.

Our values are: will, freedom, kindness, courage, free mind, self-sufficiency, caring, team spirit, perseverance, tolerance of others, creativity.