School of Hardening

We build the educational process around different types of physical activity. These are not only regular physical education classes, but also daily exercises, brain breaks during the lessons, outdoor games, compulsory swimming, dancing, cycling.

Everyone has probably encountered the situation when boys play football in PE class and girls sit on the bench? Fortunately, this is not the case with us! We actively involve boys and girls in playing together. This fosters respect for the opposite sex and develops social skills.

There are no standards in our physical education classes. Therefore, we develop physical qualities through games and try to explain children how important it is to be engaged in physical activity not only at school but also outside of it.

Our BIG dream and goal is healthy and happy Ukrainians in the future! That is why it is IMPORTANT for us to convey the health benefits of physical activity in everyday life, not just to fulfil the school curriculum. 

Through physical culture and sports, we aim to influence the development of education in Lviv and Ukraine as a whole and transform it in accordance with the conditions of the modern world!

Our goal is

  • a harmonious development of the child
  • education of a conscious and self-responsible person
  • We teach children that doing sports is not only useful, but also fun and very cool!

A good physical condition allows a child to concentrate better while studying and be more independent.

We regularly examine the child’s feet, posture and body development. In case of deviations, we work together with parents to eliminate these problems.

The school teachers and coaches are certified specialists and active athletes, with awards for their professional activities and sports achievements.

Leaders of the school

  • Nazar Dorosh

    Head of Cycling and Swimming at Kleparivska School

    founder and coach of the Three Lions sports club. He is an international master of sports in triathlon, a silver medallist at the World Championships, and a multiple winner of the Ukrainian Championships! He started his career at school as a swimming coach. “I want to convey to children and parents the importance of physical activity at an early age, as it is during this period that the body and character are formed.”

  • Artem Tretyakov

    Head of Cycling and Swimming at the school on Naukova street

    He is a certified coach and teacher and as well as master of sports in triathlon. Winner and prize-winner of the Ukrainian Championships finalist of various international amateur triathlon, marathon and swimming competitions. He started at School of Free and Caring as a swimming teacher. “In my work, I like to see the result. I’m happy when a child changes over time under the influence of the lessons, not only physically, but also overcomes his or her fears.”

  • Sergey Kudravets

    Chief Operating Officer of the School of Hardening

    He has run two marathons and finished 7 long-distance triathlon races (half-ironman). “I wanted to build the educational process, taking into account various options for physical activity, adding not only regular physical education lessons, but also daily exercises brain breaks, outdoor games , compulsory swimming, dancing, and cycling lessons.” Serhii’s dream is to influence the development of education in Lviv and Ukraine as a whole through the development of physical culture and sports.

  • Vladyslav Lazariuk

    Head of the Physical Education Department

    He started out as a teacher and is now the head of the physical education department at the Hardening School. He is one of the founders of the All-Ukrainian Korfball Federation.

    Developer of educational programmes and courses for physical education teachers. He developed a curriculum “without standards” for schools.

    He is an ambassador of Oleksandr Pedan’s sports movement JuniorS, which was created to change physical education lessons from Soviet ones to new modern and interesting ones.

    In the recent past, he was a player of the Celtnieks handball club in Riga, Latvia.


  • Veremchuk Anastasiya

  • Lazaryuk Mariya

  • Pryyma Serhiy

    cycling teacher
  • Volkovych Hanna

    acrobatics trainer
  • Murska Marta

    swimming teacher
  • Veronika Ravska

    Head of online school
  • Chernousov Vitaliy

    teacher of physical education
  • Hnatush Mariya

    teacher of physical education
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